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New Mexico Geological Society Annual Spring Meeting
Macey Center, New Mexico Tech campus, Socorro, NM
April 13, 2018

Results ordered by Year and Page (in Abstract Volume)

Lynn A Acosta and Reed J Burgette p. 11.
Anthony M. Alvarez, Munazzam Ali Mahar, Jason W. Ricketts, and Philip C. Goodell p. 12.
Anthony M. Alvarez, Eric J. Kappus, and Erik M. Day p. 13.
Gary Axen, Jolante van Wijk, and Claire A Currie p. 14.
April R Bates p. 15.
Anthony Benson, David C. Jacobs, and Peter Vigil p. 16.
Michael Berry, Jolante van Wijk, Daniel Cadol, Daniel Garica-Costellanos, and Erica Emry p. 17.
Jonathan D Beyeler and David R Montgomery p. 18.
Alicia L. Bonar, Brian A. Hampton, Greg H. Mack, and Jeffrey M. Amato p. 19.
Ronald F. Broadhead p. 20.
Samantha Caldwell and William X Chavez p. 21.
Sebastian G. Dalman and Spencer G. Lucas p. 22.
Sebastian G. Dalman and Spencer G. Lucas p. 23.
Deandra De Los Santos, Sarah Pon, Frankie Enriquez, Guadalupe Alvarez-Rodriguez, Sophia Terrazas, Jason Ricketts, and John G. Olgin p. 24.
P. Drakos, A. J. Tafoya, J. Lazarus, and J. Riesterer p. 25.
Rodrigo Frayna Embile, Jr., Ingar Walder, Christopher Schuh, and Jenna Donatelli p. 26.
James E. Fassett p. 27.
Anthony David Feldman and James Bruce Harrison p. 28.
Michelle M. Gavel, Jeffrey M. Amato, and Jason W. Ricketts p. 29.
Thomas E Gill, Miguel Dominguez Acosta, Matthew C Baddock, Jeffrey A Lee, Iyasu Eibedingil, and Junran Li p. 30.
Jon Golla, Laura Crossey, and Abdul-Mehdi Ali p. 31.
Tylee M. Griego, Matt Campen, Johnnye Lewis, and Adrian J. Brearley p. 32.
John W. Hawley and Baird H. Swanson p. 33.
Melinda Horne, Mark Person, Shari Kelley, Matthew Folsom, Jeff Pepin, and James Witcher p. 34.
Peter Houde and Danielle Peltier p. 35.
Makayla R. Jacobs, Frank C. Ramos, and Brian A. Hampton p. 36.
Andy Jochems, Dan Koning, and Colin Cikoski p. 37.
Eric J Kappus and Spencer G. Lucas p. 38.
Shari Kelley, Matthew Folsom, Ronni Grapenthin, and Mark Person p. 39.
Chase Kicker, Liliya Frolova, and Snezna Rogelj p. 40.
Daniel J. Koning and Mark Mansell p. 41.
Daniel J. Koning and Alex J. Rinehart p. 42.
Gage Richards Lamborn, April Bates, Victor French, and Kevin Hobbs p. 43.
Asher J Lichtig and Spencer G Lucas p. 44.
Asher J Lichtig and Spencer G Lucas p. 45.
Patrick Longmire p. 46.
David W. Love, Eda Celep, and Brad Sion p. 47.
David W. Love and Adam Nash p. 48.
Spencer G. Lucas, Nasrollah Abbassi, Paul Knight, Heitor Francischini, and Paula Dias p. 49.
Spencer G. Lucas and Karl Krainer p. 50.
Ethan Mamer, Brad Talon Newton, and Stacy Timmons p. 51.
Wade Walter Mans and Gary Weissman p. 52.
Chris McGibbon, Laura Crossey, and Karl Karlstrom p. 53.
Dennis M McQuillan p. 54.
Victoria Moreno and Diane I Doser p. 55.
Gary S. Morgan, Paul L. Sealey, Andrew P. Jochems, and Philip A. Gensler p. 56.
Brad Talon Newton, Ethan Mamer, and Stacy Timmons p. 57.
Holly Olivarez, Victor Polyak, and Yemane Asmerom p. 58.
Gabriel E. L. Parrish, Jan M.H. Hendrickx, Juliet Ayertey, Brian Borchers, and Daniel Cadol p. 59.
David M. Rachal and H. Curtis Monger p. 60.