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New Mexico Geological Society Annual Spring Meeting
April 29, 1983, Macey Center

2023 Proceedings Volume  
Online ISSN: 2834-5800

Results ordered by Year and Page (in Abstract Volume)

Thomas L. Boyd and J. A. Campbell
p. 7.
Chris R. Bradley and K. D. Mahrer
p. 8.
Douglas G. Brookins and Arun Majumdar
p. 9.
Douglas G. Brookins
pp. 10-11.
Ted L. Eggleston and David I. Norman
pp. 11-12.
Paul I. Eimon
pp. 12-13.
T. E. Ewing, C. D. Henry, M. P. A. Jackson, C. M. Woodruff, A. G. Goldstien, and J. R. Garrison
pp. 13-14.
Adrian P. Hunt
pp. 15-16.
Kathleen E. Johnson
p. 16.
Ingrid Klich and James M. Robertson
p. 17.
Stanley T. Krukowski
p. 18.
Thomas R. Logan and S. G. Lucas
p. 19.
Richard P. Lozinsky
pp. 20-21.
Spencer G. Lucas
pp. 21-22.
Kenneth D. Mahrer and T. B. Reynolds
pp. 22-23.
R. K. Matheny and D. G. Brookins
pp. 23-24.
Wupao Ting
pp. 24-25.
Herbert A., Vogler and Douglas G. Brookins
pp. 25-26.
David E., Jr. Wahl
p. 27.
E. Timothy Wallin
pp. 28-29.
Michael L. Williams
p. 29.
Anne C. Wright
p. 30.
M. S. Abashian and D. G. Brookins
p. 7.
Richard J. Abitz
p. 8.
Jon P. Ake, S. P. Jarpe, and A. R. Sanford
p. 9.
Charles E. Baron and David I. Norman
p. 10.
Vertrees McNeil Canby and Rex L., III Evatt
p. 11.
Philip J. Carpenter and Allan R. Sanford
p. 12.
Kevin H. Cook, David I. Norman, and David Johnson
p. 13.
John Drier
p. 14.
Ted L. Eggleston and David I. Norman
p. 15.
Karl M. Emanuel, Michael W. Selke, and Gary A. Parkison
p. 16.
Bradford E. Filsinger
p. 17.
Jon Foruria
p. 18.
J. E. Gerwe and David I. Norman
p. 19.
Richard W. Harrison
p. 20.
Mark P. Hemingway and David I. Norman
p. 21.
Gail Hodge and David I. Norman
p. 22.
Adrian P. Hunt and Spencer G. Lucas
p. 23.
Stephen P. Jarpe and Allan R. Sanford
p. 24.
Gerald J. Kepes
p. 25.
Kenneth K. Kietzke and Spencer G. Lucas
p. 26.
Barry S. Kues
p. 27.
Spencer G. Lucas
p. 28.
Virgil W. Lueth
p. 29.
Kenneth D. Mahrer and J. R. Wesling
p. 30.
Christopher M. Menges, Glen H. Kawaguchi, J. Ritter, Leslie D. McFadden, and Richard P. Lozinsky
p. 31.
Rodney V. Metcalf
p. 32.
Darrell G. Moore
p. 33.
David I. Norman, Khosrow Bazrafshan, and Ted L. Eggleston
p. 34.