New Mexico Geological Society
Fall Field Conference Guidebook - 23
East-Central New Mexico


Vincent C. Kelley and Fred D. Trauger, eds., 1972, 236 pages.

The twenty-third field conference of the New Mexico Geological Society is a milestone in the fact that it will complete areally the coverage of the geology of the entire state begun in 1950. Previous conferences have covered areas both within and without the state and have repeated certain areas as their geological interest waxed again. Somehow the east-central portion of New Mexico was neglected as a conference site, despite its great diversity of geology, its unique beauty and its varied economic possibilities. The Society is pleased to help illuminate this largely unknown blank on our geological map with this conference. The first day road log is from Tucumcari to Mosquero and San Jon country. The second day road log is from Tucumcari to the Canadian escarpment and Santa Rosa country. The third day road log is from Santa Rosa to Clines Corner, Encino, Duran, and Vaughn country.

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Table of Contents:

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Front Matter: (includes Dedication, President's Message, & Conference Organizer's Message)

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Roadlogs: (each includes listed mini-papers)


Road log of Tucumcari, Mosquero, and San Jon country
— Frederick D. Trauger, C. J. Mankin, and J. P. Brand, pp. 12-45.
Road log of Tucumcari, Canadian escarpment, and Santa Rosa country
— Vincent C. Kelley and R. W. Kelley, pp. 46-55.
Road log of Santa Rosa, Clines Corners, Encino, Duran, and Vaughn country
— Vincent C. Kelley, pp. 56-64.
Marcou in east-central New Mexico (1.81 MB PDF)
— Ronald K. DeFord, pp. 65-71.
Triassic rocks of the Santa Rosa country (1.59 MB PDF)
— Vincent C. Kelley, pp. 84-90.
Jurassic strata in northeastern New Mexico (1.67 MB PDF)
— Charles J. Mankin, pp. 91-97.
Indians of eastern New Mexico (1.01 MB PDF)
— George A. Agogino and Gail Noel Egan, pp. 137-140.
Tours of archaelogical interest in east-central New Mexico (736 KB PDF)
— George A. Agogino and Dominique E. Stevens, pp. 141-143.
Earthquakes of northeastern New Mexico and the Texas Panhandle (2.76 MB PDF)
— Stuart A. Northrup and Allan R. Sanford, pp. 148-160.
Uranium in eastern New Mexico (1.45 MB PDF)
— Warren E. Finch, pp. 171-175.
Geology of the Pintada Mine (550 KB PDF)
— Clint L. Sandusky and William H. Kaufman, pp. 176-177.
Geology of Los Esteros Dam site (1.67 MB PDF)
— Tilden E. McDowell, pp. 178-183.
Carbon dioxide in northeastern New Mexico (1.97 MB PDF)
— Roy W. Foster and James G. Jensen, pp. 192-200.
Urban geology of Tucumcari (531 KB PDF)
— F. D. Trauger, pp. 210-211.
Urban geology of Clovis (623 KB PDF)
— Sherman E. Galloway, pp. 212-213.
Urban geology of Portales (569 KB PDF)
— Robert G. Taylor and William D. Pitt, pp. 214-215.
Urban geology of Fort Sumner (387 KB PDF)
— Vincent C. Kelley, pp. 216.
Urban geology of Vaughan (383 KB PDF)
— Vincent C. Kelley, pp. 217.
Geology of the Santa Rosa area (782 KB PDF)
— Vincent C. Kelley, pp. 218-220.

Recommended Guidebook Citation:

  1. Kelley, V. C.; Trauger, F. D.; [eds.], 1972, East-Central New Mexico, New Mexico Geological Society, Guidebook, 23rd Annual Field Conference, 236 pp.