New Mexico Geological Society
Fall Field Conference Guidebook - 50
Albuquerque Geology


Frank. J. Pazzaglia and Spencer G. Lucas, eds., 1999, 448 pages.

Half a century ago a fledgling organization of geologists gathered to enjoy each other's company, share knowledge, and learn new insights against a backdrop of mountainous landscapes and clear, crisp autumn skies. Thus was inaugurated the annual excursions of the New Mexico Geological Society that became known as the Fall Field Conferences. Notably, these are conferences, not simply field trips. Presentations, discussions and, sometimes, heated arguments unfold on the outcrop or at scenic overlooks, a far cry from the stale darkened rooms of our typical professional meetings! As the Society celebrates its 50th field conference, its members relish the reputation of the conferences themselves and, especially, the legacy of the guidebooks, both of which are the envy of geological societies across the country. For our golden field conference we assemble, for the third time, near the geographic center of the state and in the midst of its largest population center. Here, the principal physiographic elements of our region - Rocky Mountains, Basin and Range, Colorado Plateau, and High Plains - intersect. The first day road log begins in Albuquerque and travels to Placitas, Hagan Basin and Espinosa Ridge to reconstruct the geologic, structural, geomorphic, and paleoclimatic history of north-central New Mexico as expressed in the rocks and landscapes of the Hagan Basin. Two field trips were offered on the second day. The first ascends to Sandia Crest with stops in Tijeras Canyon, Cedar Crest and the "great unconformity" between Proterozoic granites and Pennsylvanian sedimentary rocks. The second trip focuses on the Neogene stratigraphy, sedimentology, structure, and geomorphology of the Albuquerque Basin as exposed along the lower Rio Jemez valley and vicinity. The trip travels to San Ysidro, Loma Creston, La Ceja, and Sand Hill Fault. There are again two roadlogs offered on the final day. The first travels to Tijeras, Cedro Canyon t rilobite locality and the Kinney Brick Quarry. The alternative roadlog travels into the Estancia Basin to study the geomorphic and hydrologic response in the basin to Late Pleistocene and Holocene climate change.

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Table of Contents:

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Front Matter: (includes Dedication, President's Message, & Conference Organizer's Message)

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Roadlogs: (each includes listed mini-papers)

First-day road log: From Albuquerque to Placitas, Hagan Basin, and Espinaso Ridge (19.77 MB PDF)
— Frank J. Pazzaglia, Spencer G. Lucas, John W. Estep, Sean Connell, Karl Karlstrom, Bruce Black, Gary A. Smith, John Hawley, Peggy Johnson, Steve Cather, and Charles Stearns, pp. 1-26. [SUMMARY]


Controversy regarding Sandia Mountain uplift history
— Karl E. Karlstrom and Frank J. Pazzaglia, pp. 6-8.
Paleomagnetism of the early Oligocene mafic dike exposed in Placitas, northern termination of the Sandia Mountains
— Anders Lundahl and John W. Geissman, pp. 8-9.
Cerros del Rio Volcanic Field
— Jayne C. Aubele, pp. 13-14.
Hydrocarbon indications in the Entrada Sandstone and the Todilto Formation on the outcrop in the Hagan embayment
— Bruce A. Black, pp. 17-18.
Uranium-selenium deposits in the Galisteo Formation, Hagan Basin, Sandoval County, New Mexico
— Virginia T. McLemore, pp. 18-19..
Multistage, mutlidirectional horizontal compression during Laramide and mid-Tertiary deformation east of the Rio Grande rift, north-central New Mexico
— Eric A. Erslev, pp. 22-23.
Brachyhops (Mammalia, Artiodactyla) from the Galisteo Formation and its significance
— Spencer G. Lucas and John W. Estep, pp. 25-26.
Second-day trip 1 road log: From Albuquerque to Tijeras, Cedar Crest and Sandia Crest (14.80 MB PDF)
— Spencer G. Lucas, Adam Read, Karl E. Karlstrom, John W. Estep, Barry S. Kues, Orin J. Anderson, Gary A. Smith, and Frank J. Pazzaglia, pp. 27-46. [SUMMARY]


Southern margin of the Sandia Pluton and the "Cibola Problem"
— Karl E. Karlstrom, pp. 30.
Middle and Upper Jurassic rocks at Cedar Crest, New Mexico
— Orin J. Anderson, Spencer G. Lucas, and John W. Estep, pp. 36-37.
Late Paleozoic remagnetization of Precambrian crystalline rocks, Sandia Mountains and elsewhere: Relationship to Ancestral Rocky Mountain deformation and sedimentation
— John W. Geissman, pp. 39.
Mississippian Del Padre Sandstone or Porterozoic quartzite
— Adam S. Read, Karl E. Karlstrom, and Brad Ilg, pp. 41-45.
Second-day trip 2 road log: From Albuquerque to San Ysidro, Loma Creston, La Ceja, and Sand Hill Fault (14.05 MB PDF)
— Frank J. Pazzaglia, Sean D. Connell, John Hawley, Richard H. Tedford, Steve Personius, Gary A. Smith, Steve Cather, Spencer G. Lucas, Patricia Hester, John Gilmore, and Lee Woodward, pp. 47-66. [SUMMARY]


Fossil sites of the Morrison Formation, San Ysidro area, central New Mexico
— Kim Manley, pp. 53.

Roadlog References:

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Reminiscences of a half century (4.31 MB PDF)
— Edward. C. Beaumont, Jock. A. Campbell, Frank. E. Kottlowski, Frederick. D. Trauger, and Clay. T. Smith, pp. 89-96.
Phanerozoic geologic evolution of the Albuquerque area (14.34 MB PDF)
— Frank J. Pazzaglia, Lee A. Woodward, Spencer G. Lucas, Orin I. Anderson, Karl W. Wegmann, and John W. Estep, pp. 97-114. [ABSTRACT]
Discussion of new gravity maps for the Albuquerque Basin area (5.16 MB PDF)
— V. J. S. Grauch, Cindy L. Gillepsie, and G. R. Keller, pp. 119-124. [ABSTRACT]
Late Paleozoic right-slip faults in the Ancestral Rocky Mountains (4.91 MB PDF)
— Lee A. Woodward, Orin J. Anderson, and Spencer G. Lucas, pp. 149-153. [ABSTRACT]
Sandia Mountains and Rio Grande rift: Ancestry of structures and history of deformation (9.56 MB PDF)
— Karl E. Karlstrom, S. M. Cather, M. T. Heizler, F. J. Pazzaglia, and M. Roy, pp. 155-165. [ABSTRACT]
Topographic setting of the Rio Grande rift, New Mexico: Assessing the role of flexural "rift-flank uplift" in the Sandia Mountains (6.63 MB PDF)
— Mousumi Roy, Karl E. Karlstrom, Shari Kelley, Frank Pazzaglia, and Steve Cather, pp. 167-174. [ABSTRACT]
Neogene geology of the Isleta Reservation and vicinity, Albuquerque Basin, central New Mexico (11.68 MB PDF)
— Florian Maldonado, Sean D. Connell, David W. Love, V. J. S. Grauch, Janet L. Slate, William C. McIntosh, Patricia B. Jackson, and Byers, Frank M., Jr., pp. 175-188. [ABSTRACT]
Quaternary faults in the Albuquerque area--An update (11.50 MB PDF)
— Stephen F. Personius, Michael N. Machette, and Keith I. Kelson, pp. 189-200. [ABSTRACT]
Paleoseismology of the Tijeras fault near Golden, New Mexico (7.23 MB PDF)
— Keith I. Kelson, Christopher S. Hitchcock, and J. Bruce J. Harrison, pp. 201-209. [ABSTRACT]
Basaltic near-vent facies of Vulcan Cone, Albuquerque Volcanoes, New Mexico (6.59 MB PDF)
— Smith. Gary A., Patrick S. Florence, Alex D. Castrounis, Mark Luongo, Jessica D. Moore, John Throne, and Karin Zelley, pp. 211-219. [ABSTRACT]
Uppermost Pennsylvanian and Permian stratigraphy and biostratigraphy at Placitas, New Mexico (8.25 MB PDF)
— Spencer G. Lucas, J. Mark Rowland, Barry S. Kues, John W. Estep, and Garner L. Wilde, pp. 281-292. [ABSTRACT]
Early Permian plant megafossils from Carrizo Arroyo, central New Mexico (6.84 MB PDF)
— William D. Tidwell, Sidney R. Ash, Barry S. Kues, Kenneth K. Kietzke, and Spencer G. Lucas, pp. 297-304. [ABSTRACT]
Correlation of Triassic strata across the Rio Grande rift, north-central New Mexico (4.22 MB PDF)
— Spencer G. Lucas, Andrew B. Heckert, and John W. Estep, pp. 305-310. [ABSTRACT]
Hydrologic modeling of the Estancia Basin, New Mexico (7.31 MB PDF)
— Nabil G. Shafike and Kevin G. Flanigan, pp. 409-418. [ABSTRACT]

Back Matter: (usually includes a stratigraphic column and/or correlation chart)

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  1. Pazzaglia, F. J.; Lucas, S. G.; [eds.], 1999, Albuquerque Geology, New Mexico Geological Society, Guidebook, 50th Annual Field Conference, 448 pp. ISBN: 9781585460854