Rift basin structure in the Border region of northern Chihuahua
— Alberto J. Jiminez and G. Randy Keller


In order to increase our understanding of the tectonics and basin structure in the border region between El Paso and the boot heel region of New Mexico, an integrated study focused on gravity, remote sensing, and geologic data was undertaken. The basin structure delineated shows that continuity of major structures between the U.S. and Mexico is limited and that few areas in border region of Mexico are underlain by deep basins. We have delineated a new feature that we have named the El Parabien basin, and a smaller feature to the east that Mexican workers call the Conejo Medanos basin. There is a series of gravity highs that connect the East Potrillo Mountains, Sierra de Sapello, Sierra Samalayuca, and Sierra de Presidio. The trend and relative continuity of this anomaly suggest that it correlates with an older structure that played a role in the development of subsequent Laramide and rift structures.

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  1. Jiminez, Alberto J.; Keller, G. Randy, 2000, Rift basin structure in the Border region of northern Chihuahua, in: Southwest passage. A trip through the Phanerozoic, Lawton, Timothy F.; McMillan, Nancy J.; McLemore, Virginia T., New Mexico Geological Society, Guidebook, 51st Field Conference, pp. 79-83. https://doi.org/10.56577/FFC-51.79

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