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New Mexico Geological Society Annual Spring Meeting
Macey Center, New Mexico Tech campus, Socorro, NM
April 13, 2018

Results ordered by Year and Page (in Abstract Volume)

Geoffrey Rawling and Alex Rinehart p. 61.
Nathan Z. Reade, Julian M. Biddle, Jason W. Ricketts, and Jeffrey M. Amato p. 62.
Madeline Richards, Stacy Timmons, Cathryn Pokorny, and Dennis McQuillan p. 63.
Alex J Rinehart, Colin T Cikoski, David Love, Mark Mansell, and Daniel J Koning p. 64.
Georgina Rodriguez Gonzalez and Jason W. Ricketts p. 65.
Paul L. Sealey and Spencer G. Lucas p. 66.
Paul L. Sealey, Michael P. Foley, Neil H. Landman, and Spencer G. Lucas p. 67.
Marcus E Silva, Virginia T. McLemore, and Navid Mojtabai p. 68.
Jason Silviria p. 69.
Brad Sion, Bruce Harrison, Fred Phillips, and Gary Axen p. 70.
Brad Sion, Gary Axen, Fred Phillips, and Jolante van Wijk p. 71.
Michael F. Skelly, John R. Copland, and Jun Li p. 72.
Katrina Lucia Soundy, Gary Axen, Kierren Maher, and Jolante Van Wijk p. 73.
Tyler Sproule, Johnny Ray Hinojosa, Glenn Spinelli, Peter Mozley, John Wilson, and Michael Fort p. 74.
Kyle Anderson Stark and Daniel Cadol p. 75.
Emily D. Thorpe, Spencer G. Lucas, David S. Berman, Larry F. Rinehart, Vincent Santucci, and Amy C. Henrici p. 76.
Margaret Tinsley, Ingar Walder, Rodrigo Embile, and Franciszka Stopa p. 77.
Ingar F. Walder, Rodrigo Embile, Margaret Tinsley, Franciszka Stopa, and Ferenc Morizc p. 78.
Thomas E. Williamson, Stephen L. Brusatte, Jan E. Janecka, Sarah L. Shelley, Michelle Spaulding, and John R. Wible p. 79.
Zhidi Wu, Andrew J. Luhmann, Alex J. Rinehart, Peter S. Mozley, Thomas A. Dewers, Jason E. Heath, and Bhaskar S. Majumdar p. 80.
Fei Xu, Daniel Cadol, Fred Phillips, and Talon Newton p. 81.
Jeffry C. Yon, Jennifer Lindline, Paul Tashjian, Joseph Zebrowski, and Mchael Petronis p. 82.
Matthew J. Zimmerer and Frank Ramos p. 83.