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New Mexico Geological Society Annual Spring Meeting & Ft. Stanton Cave Conference
April 7-9, 2022, Macey Center, Socorro, NM

2022 Proceedings Volume  
Online ISSN: 2834-5800 

Results ordered by Year and Page (in Abstract Volume)

Raven Longwolf Alcott, Alexandra Hurst, Sofia Jenkins-Nieto, Sarah Ann Polsin, and Gary Weissmann
Oskar N/A Alvarez and Eric J. Kappus
Megan N. Badonie and Virginia T. McLemore
Mackenzie B. Best and Daniel S. Jones
Johanna M. Blake, Christina Ferguson, and Keely Miltenberger
Penelope J. Boston
Abigail Rose Brown, Brianna Green, and Daniel S. Jones
Debbie C. Buecher and Diana E. Northup
Tyler B. Cantrell, Matthew T. Heizler, and Jake Ross
Patrick James Carey, Spencer G. Lucas, Karl Krainer, Deborah Petrak Green, and Paul May
Zachary Chavez, Daniel Cadol, Kyle Stark, and Jonathan B. Laronne
Stellah Cherotich and Virginia McLemore
Jake Collison, Talon Newton, and Scott Christenson
John J. Corcoran
Donald G. Davis
Haley Dietz and Virginia T. McLemore
James E. Fassett
Christina L. Ferguson and Keely E. Miltenberger
Michael P. Foley and Spencer G. Lucas
Justin Matthew Friend, Brian A. Hampton, and Alicia L. Bonar
Kyle K. Gallant, Alex J. Rinehart, Daniel J. Koning, and Andrew P. Jochems
Jacob R. Gehrz, Matthew T. Heizler, Karl E. Karlstrom, Matthew J. Zimmerer, and Kevin M. Hobbs
Fraser Goff and M. Steven Shackley
Ethan B. Haft, Virginia T. McLemore, O. Tapani Rämö, and Jonas Kaare-Rasmussen
Kyungdoe Han and John Wilson
Zoe E. Havlena, Daniel S. Jones, Louise D. Hose, Harvey R. DuChene, Amanda L. Labrado, and Benjamin Brunner
Daniel S. Jones, Diana E. Northup, and Penelope J. Boston
Daniel S. Jones
Daniel J. Koning, Amanda Doherty, Ethan Mamer, and Laila Sturgis
Michael A. Kvasnak, John B. Rogers, and Spencer G. Lucas
Lewis Land and George Veni
Asher Jacob Lichtig and Spencer G. Lucas
Asher Jacob Lichtig and Spencer G. Lucas
Ronald J. Lipinski
Spencer G. Lucas and Karl Krainer
Spencer G. Lucas and Lawrence H. Tanner
Loc Luong, Daniel Cadol, Susan Bilek, and John Mitchell McLaughlin
John T. M. Lyles
Michael C. Mansur
Paul May, Spencer G. Lucas, Hans Kerp, William A. DiMichele, and John B. Rogers
Paul May, Spencer G. Lucas, and John B. Rogers
John Mitchell McLaughlin, Susan Bilek, and Daniel Cadol
Dennis McQuillan