New Mexico Geological Society
Fall Field Conference Guidebook - 44
Carlsbad Region, New Mexico and West Texas


David W. Love, John W. Hawley, Barry S. Kues, George S. Austin, and Spencer G. Lucas, eds, 1993, 357 pages.

The 1993 New Mexico Geological Society/West Texas Geological Society joint Fall Field Conference tours the Permian-dominated landscape of southeastern New Mexico and adjacent areas of west Texas. This area is a common stomping ground for the West Texas Geological Society (WTGS), but the Field Conference is only the second one in the Carlsbad region for the New Mexico Geological Society (the first since 1954, Guidebook 5). We feel the collaboration between the two societies has produced a guidebook covering an extremely wide-ranging array of geologic interests, including Precambrian tectonics, Permian sequence stratigraphy, Triassic, Cretaceous and upper Cenozoic stratigraphy, Laramide structures, sulfur deposits in Neogene karst basins, Quaternary soils, overviews of potash and oil and gas resources, Guadalupe Mountain caves, the WIPP site and landfill locations. The first-day road log is from Carlsbad to Whites City, Orla, Loving, Potash Enclave and return to Carlsbad. The trip emphasizes the evolution of the Delaware Basin. The second day concentrates on the world-class geology and paleontology of the Guadalupe Escarpment from Whites City to Salt Basin. The road log begins in Carlsbad and then on to Whites City, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Salt Flat, Washington Ranch and return to Carlsbad. The third day traverses Permian basinal, shelf-edge, shelf-crest, inner-shelf and evaporite-shelf facies. The road log goes from Carlsbad to Dark Canyon, Last Chance Canyon, Sitting Bull Falls, and Rocky Arroyo before returning to Carlsbad.

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Table of Contents:

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  1. First-day road log from Carlsbad to White City, Orla, Loving, Potash Enclave and return to Carlsbad.
    — George S. Austin, James M. Barker, Joseph E. Crawford, John W. Hawley, David W. Love, Spencer G. Lucas, and Jim W. Adams, pp. 1-42.
  2. Mini-papers:

  3. Overview of the geomorphic history of the Carlsbad area
    — John W. Hawley, pp. 2-3.
  4. Some principles of calcisol development and soil-geomorphic relationships in southeastern New Mexico
    — John W. Hawley, pp. 4-5.
  5. K Hill and Yeso Hills selenite occurrence
    — Joseph E. Crawford, pp. 8-10.
  6. Sulfide/barite/fluorite ore deposits, Delaware Basin, New Mexico and west Texas
    — Carol A. Hill, pp. 10.
  7. The Castile as a "nonmarine" evapoite
    — Roger Y. Anderson, pp. 12-13.
  8. The Castile Formation: A continuing paradox
    — Alick B. Leslie, Alan Kendall, and Gill Harwood, pp. 13-14.
  9. Castile microfolding
    — A. J. Watkinson and J. I. D. Alexander, pp. 14-16.
  10. Geology of the Pokorny sulfur deposit, Culberson County, Texas
    — George F. Klemmick, pp. 18-19.
  11. The geology and development of the Phillips Ranch sulfur deposit
    — James R. Gulinger, pp. 21-23.
  12. Progress report on ground-water movement within the sulfur-bearing zones of the lower Castile Formation at Phillips Ranch deposit, Culberson County, Texas
    — Teri D. Davis, pp. 23-26.
  13. Upper Neogene valley and depression fills of the Orla, Texas area
    — John W. Hawley, pp. 27.
  14. Post-tectonic reheating of portions of the Permian Basin as expressed by iso-reflectance lines on regional structural sections
    — Charles E. Barker and Mark J. Pawlewicz, pp. 29-30.
  15. Cenozoic confusion, controversy and collapse at Pierce Canyon
    — John W. Hawley, David Love, and Spencer G. Lucas, pp. 33-34.
  16. A total dissolved solids map for the northern portion of the Capitan aquifer
    — Michael G. Wallace, pp. 38-39.
  17. Federal management of the potash area in southeastern New Mexico
    — James A. Olsen, pp. 39-41.
  18. Second-day road log frm Carlsbad to White City, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Salt Flat, Washington Ranch and return to Carlsbad
    — Jim W. Adams, John W. Hawley, Lloyd C. Pray, and David W. Love, pp. 43-67.
  19. Mini-papers:

  20. The Wallace Pratt Ship-on-the-Desert Research Center, Guadalupe Mountains National Park
    — Jim W. Adams and Larry E. Henderson, pp. 48-49.
  21. The Frijoles Ranch complex: Pioneer legacy of the Guadalupes
    — Brent Wauer and Ben. Gilmore, pp. 53-54.
  22. The Pinery Station of the Butterfield Overland Stagecoach line
    — Jim W. Adams, pp. 54-55.
  23. Diversity of life in Guadalupe Mountains National Park
    — Michael Baldree, pp. 55-56.
  24. Geology of the west face of the Guadalupe Mountains
    — Lloyd C. Pray and Jim W. Adams, pp. 63-65.
  25. History of the Washington Ranch, Eddy County, New Mexico
    — Peggy L. Burton, Jim W. Adams, and Carl Engwall, pp. 65-67.
  26. Third-day road log: From Carlsbad to Dark Canyon, Last Chance Canyon, Sitting Bull Falls, Rocky Arroyo and return tp Carlsbad
    — Jim W. Adams, David W. Love, and John W. Hawley, pp. 69-86.
  27. Mini-papers:

  28. Brantley Lake State Park
    — Virginia T. McLemore, pp. 79-80.
  29. Globe Plaster Mining Co., Oriental, New Mexico
    — Virginia T. McLemore, pp. 80.
  30. Production history and geology of Avalon (Delaware) field
    — D. L. Cantrell and T. V. Kane, pp. 81-82.
  31. Standing on sand: A short history of the Carlsbad area
    — Jed Howard, pp. 84-86.
  32. Supplemental road log 1: From Pierce Canyon (First day Stop 6) to New Mexico Highway 31/128 junction north of Salt Lake, via Mescalero Plain, Los Medanos (WIPP) and Nash Draw
    — John W. Hawley and David W. Love, pp. 87-97.
  33. Mini-papers:

  34. Summary of Delaware Basin end-stage deposits
    — Robert M. Holt and Dennis W. Powers, pp. 90-92.
  35. Environmental evaluation group's environmental monitoring of the WIPP site
    — Jim W. Kenney, pp. 92-94.
  36. New Mexico Environment Department DOE/WIPP oversight
    — Paul E. Sanchez, pp. 94-96.
  37. Supplemental road log 2: From junction of NM-137 and Sitting Bull Falls road to Salt Flat graben, via Queen, west Guadalupe Rim, El Paso Gap, Dog Canyon and Crow Flats
    — David W. Love and John W. Hawley, pp. 99-107.
  38. Supplemental road log 3: From US-285/NM-524 junction, Happy Valley and Carlsbad Civic Center, via truck bypass route and Standpipe road
    — John W. Hawley, pp. 109.
  39. Papers:

    Note — To download papers from this guidebook, you will need a PDF viewer like the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  40. Geologic walking tour of Carlsbad Cavern (1.57 MB PDF)
    — Carol A. Hill, pp. 117-128. [ABSTRACT]
  41. Elemental sulfur in caves of the Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico (2.05 MB PDF)
    — Kimberley I. Cunningham, Harvey R. DuChene, and Charles E. Spirakis, pp. 129-136. [ABSTRACT]
  42. Middle-late Proterozoic extension in the Carlsbad region of southeastern New Mexico and west Texas (2.61 MB PDF)
    — Donald C. Adams, Mark A. Ouimette, and Fred Moreno, pp. 137-144. [ABSTRACT]
  43. Geology and mineral resources in the Cornudas Mountains, Otero County, New Mexico and Hudspeth County, Texas (2.41 MB PDF)
    — Virginia T. McLemore and James R. Guilinger, pp. 145-153. [ABSTRACT]
  44. A contribution to the evolving stratigraphic framework of middle Permian strata of the Delaware Basin, Texas and New Mexico (1.72 MB PDF)
    — Charles H. Kerans, W. M. Fitchen, M. H. Gardner, and B. R. Wardlaw, pp. 175-184. [ABSTRACT]
  45. Stratigraphy of the Permian-Triassic boundary in southeastern New Mexico and west Texas (3.71 MB PDF)
    — Spencer G. Lucas and Orin J. Anderson, pp. 219-230. [ABSTRACT]
  46. Triassic stratigraphy in southeastern New Mexico and southwestern Texas (0.98 MB PDF)
    — Spencer G. Lucas and Orin J. Anderson, pp. 231-235. [ABSTRACT]
  47. Late Triassic vertebrates from the Dockum Formation near Otis Chalk, Howard County, Texas (2.14 MB PDF)
    — Spencer G. Lucas, Adrian P. Hunt, and Robert Kahle, pp. 237-244. [ABSTRACT]
  48. Stratigraphy, paleontology and correlation of lower Cretaceous exposures in southeastern New Mexico (3.37 MB PDF)
    — Barry S. Kues and Spencer G. Lucas, pp. 245-260. [ABSTRACT]
  49. The upper Cenozoic Gatuna Formation of southeastern New Mexico (2.24 MB PDF)
    — Dennis W. Powers and Robert M. Holt, pp. 271-282. [ABSTRACT]
  50. Economic geology of the Carlsbad potash district, New Mexico (2.25 MB PDF)
    — James M. Barker and George S. Austin, pp. 283-291. [ABSTRACT]
  51. Oil and gas in the New Mexico part of the Permian Basin (1.56 MB PDF)
    — Ronald F. Broadhead and Stephen W. Speer, pp. 293-300. [ABSTRACT]
  52. Geology and mineralization of the Culberson sulfur deposit (2.69 MB PDF)
    — Joseph E. Crawford and C. S. Wallace, pp. 301-316. [ABSTRACT]
  53. Hydrogeologic trends in the Dell City area, Hudspeth County, Texas (812 KB PDF)
    — Sharp, John M., Jr., James R. Mayer, and Eldon McCutcheon, pp. 327-330. [ABSTRACT]
  54. WIPP-related geological issues (1.27 MB PDF)
    — Lokesh N. Chaturvedi, pp. 331-338. [ABSTRACT]
  55. Site selection and characterization of the Sand Point landfill site, Eddy County, New Mexico (1.17 MB PDF)
    — Dennis W. Powers and Marvin Magee, pp. 353-357. [ABSTRACT]