New Mexico Geological Society
Fall Field Conference Guidebook - 49
Las Cruces Country II


Greg H. Mack, George S. Austin and James M. Barker, eds, 1998, 325 pages.

It has been 23 years since the New Mexico Geological Society last visited the Las Cruces area (Guidebook 26). Greg Mack and his field conference committee have put together an interesting and diversified meeting including Paleozoic basin evolution, Cenozoic history of southern New Mexico, and economic geology of the area. The first day follows a route from Las Cruces to Truth or Consequences along I-25. The goal of the first day is to examine parts of the Paleozoic and Mesozoic sedimentary sections. The morning stop at Derry Hills is to examine the Magdalena Group and Permian Abo formation. In the afternoon we visit Mescal Canyon, east of Truth and Consequences to examine upper Cretaceous siliciclastic sedimentary rocks. The second day is dedicated to the Cenozoic history of southern New Mexico exposed in Selden Canyon, Broad Canyon and near Rincon. The third day focuses on economic geology with visits to see features associated with a recently discovered geothermal field, and a quarry where barite and manganese were mined on a small scale.

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Table of Contents:

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Front Matter: (includes Dedication, President's Message, & Conference Organizer's Message)

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Roadlogs: (each includes listed mini-papers)

First-day road log from Las Cruces to Derry Hills and Mescal Canyon in the Caballo Mountains (5.94 MB PDF)
— Greg H. Mack, Timothy F. Lawton, and Katherine A. Giles, pp. 1-22. [SUMMARY]


Robledo Mountains, key outcrops in south-central New Mexico
— Frank E. Kottlowski and William R. Seager, pp. 3-4.
Basic principles of sequence stratigraphy
— Greg H. Mack, Katherine A. Giles, and Timothy F. Lawton, pp. 6-8.
Key to identification of tetrapod footprints from lower Permian red beds of southern New Mexico
— Spencer G. Lucas and Adrian P. Hunt, pp. 11-13.


Early Pleistocene (Early Irvingtonian) co-occurrence of the Proboscideans Cuvieronius, Stegomastodon, and Mammuthus at Tortugas Mountain, Dona Ana County, New Mexico
— Spencer G. Lucas, Gary S. Morgan, and Greg H. Mack, pp. 34.
Third-day road log: From Las Cruces to Rincon Hills via I-25 (1.53 MB PDF)
— Greg H. Mack, James Witcher, and Thomas Giordano, pp. 35-38. [SUMMARY]


The Rincon SLH1 geothermal well
— James C. Witcher, pp. 35-38.

Roadlog References:

Download (931 KB PDF)


Prehistoric peoples of the northern Chihuahuan Desert (931 KB PDF)
— David T. Kirkpatrick and Meliha S. Duran, pp. 41-45. [ABSTRACT]
The Aguirre Spring debris flow of August 14, 1991 (2.98 MB PDF)
— Loretta M. Heckman and Jerry E. Mueller, pp. 61-69. [ABSTRACT]
Quaternary paleospring deposits at San Diego Mountain in south-central New Mexico (1.33 MB PDF)
— Michael D. Jarvis, Brenda J. Buck, and James C. Witcher, pp. 71-74. [ABSTRACT]
Las Cruces country: A geophysical and remote sensing perspective (1.68 MB PDF)
— G. Randy Keller, Brian S. Penn, and Steven H. Harder, pp. 87-91. [ABSTRACT]
Geochemistry and geochronology of Quaternary mafic volcanic rocks in the vicinity of Carrizozo, New Mexico (1.48 MB PDF)
— Elizabeth Y. Anthony, Jerry Hoffer, Wendi J. Williams, Jane Poths, and Brian Penn, pp. 117-122. [ABSTRACT]
The stratigraphy of south-central New Mexico (6.93 MB PDF)
— Greg H. Mack, Frank E. Kottlowski, and William R. Seager, pp. 135-154. [ABSTRACT]
Facies description and evolution of a Wolfcampian (Early Permian) shelf margin: Hueco Mountains, west Texas (3.38 MB PDF)
— Michelle L. Stoklosa, J. A. (Toni) Simo, and Gregory P. Wahlman, pp. 177-186. [ABSTRACT]
Cretaceous stratigraphy and biostratigraphy, western Franklin Mountains, El Paso, Texas (2.10 MB PDF)
— Spencer G. Lucas, Leroy L. Corbitt, and John W. Estep, pp. 197-203. [ABSTRACT]
Corals from the Upper Cretaceous of south-central New Mexico (0.98 MB PDF)
— Spencer G. Lucas and Orin J. Anderson, pp. 205-207. [ABSTRACT]
Origin of barite-fluorite-galena deposits in the southern Rio Grande rift, New Mexico (4.36 MB PDF)
— Virginia T. McLemore, Thomas H. Giordano, Virgil W. Lueth, and James C. Witcher, pp. 251-263. [ABSTRACT]
Commercial perlite deposits of New Mexico and North America (2.69 MB PDF)
— George S. Austin and James M. Barker, pp. 271-277. [ABSTRACT]

Back Matter: (usually includes a stratigraphic column and/or correlation chart)

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Recommended Guidebook Citation:

  1. Mack, G. H.; Austin, G. S.; Barker, J. M.; [eds.], 1998, Las Cruces Country II, New Mexico Geological Society, Guidebook, 49th Annual Field Conference, 325 pp.