New Mexico Geological Society
Fall Field Conference Guidebook – 64
Geology of the Route 66 Region: Flagstaff to Grants


Kate Zeigler, J. Michael Timmons, Stacy Timmons and Steve Semken [editors], 2013, 237 pages.

Following along portions of historic Route 66, the 64th annual New Mexico Geological Society’s fall field conference travels through the spectacular geology of northeastern Arizona and western New Mexico. Beginning with one of most remarkable geologic phenomena on Earth — Grand Canyon — the trip visits a wide variety of features in the Route 66 region between Flagstaff and Grants, including other national parks and monuments, such as Wupatki, Sunset Crater, Petrified Forest, and El Malpais. As the trip crosses this remarkable terrain, the topics discussed include everything from Proterozoic basement rocks to Neogene volcanism, with Paleozoic and Mesozoic sedimentary rocks in between. Detailed road logs describe the regional geology and history along the route, plus additional optional side stops. This volume also includes fourteen technical manuscripts, as well as shorter minipapers, covering topics from mineral resources, hydrogeology, geoscience education, and volcanology to geomorphology and geochronology, with additional highlights to the regions’ history, art and archaeology.

Best Guidebook Award, 2015Geoscience Information Society

There are two versions of this guidebook available — the complete guidebook (237 pages), and a version with just the road logs that is spiral bound (117 pages).

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Contains road logs and mini-papers only, spiral bound.

Table of Contents:

Note —Downloads of the papers below are free. Road logs, mini-papers, and some other sections of recent guidebooks are only available in print.

Roadlogs: (each includes listed mini-papers)

Pre-meeting road log: Flagstaff to Grand Canyon Visitor Center via Highways 180 and 64
— W. A. Duffield, pp. 1-8.


The Grand Canyon Supergroup: A glimpse into mysteries of the Great Unconformity
— J. Michael Timmons, Carol Dehler, Karl Karlstrom, Laura Crossey, and Susannah Porter, pp. 5-7.
The Trail of Time: Innovative informal geoscience education at Grand Canyon
— Karl Karlstrom, Laura Crossey, and Ryan Crow, pp. 7-8.
First-day road log: From Flagstaff to S P and Colton Craters, Wupatki and Sunset Crater National Monuments and Meteor Crater
— Kate Zeigler, Nancy Riggs, J. Michael Timmons, Michael Ort, and Steve Semken, pp. 9-24.


Sharing geology with the public in Arizona's "Route 66 Country" using interpretive and place-based educational techniques
— Allyson Mathis, Robert J. Lillie, and Steve Semken, pp. 20-22.
Meteor Crater: From misunderstanding to obsession to scientific icon
— Kate Zeigler, Steve Semken, and Carleton Moore, pp. 22-23.
Old Route 66: Getting your kicks in the American Southwest
— Kate Zeigler and Steve Semken, pp. 23-24.
Second-day road log: From a corner in Winslow, Arizona, through Petrified Forest National Park, to the El Rancho Hotel in Gallup, New Mexico
— William Parker, Jeffrey Martz, Kate Zeigler, Steve Semken, and J. Michael Timmons, pp. 25-42.


I-40 geology inspires art, literature, architecture and western New Mexico
— Will Keener, pp. 43-45.
Railroad development and the towns in eastern Arizona and western New Mexico
— AnnD. Zeigler and Paul S. Zeigler, pp. 45-47.
Harvey House: How Fred Harvey and the Harvey Girls brought civilization and fast food service to the southwest
— AnnD. Zeigler and Paul S. Zeigler, pp. 47-49.
Third-day road log: Pre-trip - From El Rancho Hotel, Gallup, NM to Northwest Regional Visitor's Center in Grants, NM
— Kate Zeigler, J. Michael Timmons, and Steve Semken, pp. 50-53.


Mineral resources of the East Grants Ridge mining district, Cibola County, New Mexico: An update
— Virginia T. McLemore, pp. 54-55.
The Roca Honda mine project - A summary
— Niranjan K. Khalsa, Brad Hill, and Dan Kapostasy, pp. 56-58.
Third-day road log: Trip 1 - A brief tour of Mount Taylor
— Larry Crumpler and Fraser Goff, pp. 59-65.


A brief tour of Mount Taylor, a large, young composite volcano, west central New Mexico
— Larry Crumpler and Fraser Goff, pp. 66-67.
The Quarry lava flow, a peridotite-bearing trachybasalt at Mount Taylor volcano, New Mexico
— Fraser Goff and Cathy J. Goff, pp. 67-69.
Third-day road log: Trip 2 -Tuffs of San Mateo Canyon
— Shari Kelley, Nelia Dunbar, William McIntosh, and Fraser Goff, pp. 70-72.


Rhyolitic pyroclastic deposits at Mount Taylor, New Mexico: Insight into early eruptive processes of a major composite volcano
— Nelia Dunbar, Shari Kelley, Fraser Goff, and William C. McIntosh, pp. 72-74.
Third-day road log: Trip 3 - McCartys lava flow field, El Malpais and traverse log to Lava Falls
— Larry Crumpler, Jane Aubele, Jim R. Zimbelman, Steve Self, Jake E. Bleacher, and Brent Garry, pp. 75-85.
Third-day road log: Post-meeting optional road log - Grants to the Rio Puerco
— Colin T. Cikoski, Dan K. Koning, Kate Zeigler, and J. Michael Timmons, pp. 86-96.


Uranium resources in the Grants uranium district, New Mexico: An update (499 KB PDF)
— Virginia T. McLemore, Brad Hill, Niranjan Khalsa, and Susan A. Lucas Kamat, pp. 117-126. [ABSTRACT] Supplemental Data:
Gabbroic shallow intrusions and lava-hosted xenoliths in the Mount Taylor area, New Mexico (736 KB PDF)
— Fraser Goff, John A. Wolff, William McIntosh, and Shari A. Kelley, pp. 143-151. [ABSTRACT]
Mount Taylor dikes (868 KB PDF)
— Fraser Goff, John A. Wolff, and Kamilla Fallah, pp. 159-165. [ABSTRACT] Supplemental Data:
U-series dating and stable isotope analysis of Quaternary travertines with implications for incision rates in western Rio Grande rift, Carrizo Arroyo, New Mexico (1.03 MB PDF)
— M. Kolomaznik, J. W. Ricketts, A. Priewisch, L. J. Crossey, K. E. Karlstrom, Y. Asmerom, and V. Polyak, pp. 199-204. [ABSTRACT]
Recharge sources and characteristics of springs on the Zuni Reservation, New Mexico (974 KB PDF)
— Paul G. Drakos, Jim W. Riesterer, and Kirk Bemis, pp. 205-213. [ABSTRACT]

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  1. Zeigler, Kate; Timmons, J. Michael; Timmons, Stacy; Semken, Steve, 2013, Geology of Route 66 Region: Flagstaff to Grants, New Mexico Geological Society, Guidebook, 64th Annual Field Conference, 237 pp. ISBN: 9781585460991