New Mexico Geological Society
Fall Field Conference Guidebook – 70
Geology of the Raton-Clayton Area


Frank Ramos, Matthew J. Zimmerer, Kate Zeigler, and Dana S. Ulmer-Scholle, [editors]
2019, 168 pages.

Welcome to the subtle landscape of the High Plains of northeastern New Mexico. Referred to as the Hi-Lo Country, this region includes a history of volcanism encompassed by the Raton-Clayton volcanic field, as well as exposures of Mesozoic and Cenozoic sedimentary rocks that not only record part of the story of past landscapes, but also hold the key to groundwater resources in this oft-forgotten corner of New Mexico. The geology of Union and Colfax Counties may look simple from the highway, but these grasslands host a richness of canyons, mesas and volcanic peaks with a fascinating geologic history.

There are two versions of this guidebook available, the complete guidebook (168 pages), and a version with just the road logs that is spiral bound (46 pages).

ISBN: 1-58546-110-5
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Table of Contents:

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Front Matter: (includes Dedication, President's Message, & Conference Organizer's Message)

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Roadlogs: (each includes listed mini-papers)

Road Log Day 1 Geology of the Raton-Clayton Area: First-day Road Log from Clayton To Johnson Mesa via Capulin National Monument
— Matthew J. Zimmerer, Frank C. Ramos, and Kate E. Zeigler, pp. 1-20. [SUMMARY]
Road Log Day 2 Geology of the Dry Cimarron Valley: Second-day Road Log from Clayton to Folsom and through the Dry Cimarron Valley
— Kate E. Zeigler, Matthew J. Zimmerer, and Frank C. Ramos, pp. 21-34. [SUMMARY]
Road Log Day 3 Mid-tertiary Alkalic Igneous Activity in Northeastern New Mexico — The Eagle Rock Dike: Third-day Road Log from Capulin, US–64/NM–325 Intersection, to the I–25 Intersection of the Eagle Rock Dike
— Frank C. Ramos, Matthew J. Zimmerer, and Kate E. Zeigler, pp. 35-42. [SUMMARY]


A Brief Overview of the Kiowa and Rita Blanca National Grasslands
— M. Atkinson, pp. 43-46.


Geology of Northeastern New Mexico, union and Colfax Counties, New Mexico: A Geologic Summary (722 KB PDF)
— Kate E. Zeigler, Frank C. Ramos, and Matthew J. Zimmerer, pp. 47-54. [ABSTRACT]
Revised Stratigraphic Relationships of the Dakota Group in the Tucumcari Basin, San Miguel County, New Mexico, USA (2.00 MB PDF)
— Anna E. Van Yperen, Lina H. Line, John M. Holbrook, Miquel Poyatos-Moré, and Ivar Midtkandal, pp. 89-100. [ABSTRACT]
Groundwater Resources of Union County, New Mexico: A Progress Report (2.18 MB PDF)
— K.E. Zeigler, B. Podzemny, A. Yuhas, and V. Blumenberg, pp. 127-137. [ABSTRACT]
Geochemistry of Capulin-phase Flows in the Raton-Clayton Volcanic Field (1.81 MB PDF)
— Frank C. Ramos, Matthew J. Zimmerer, Kate E. Zeigler, Sidney Pinkerton, and Nick Butterfield, pp. 139-149. [ABSTRACT]

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  1. Ramos, Frank; Zimmerer, Matthew J.; Zeigler, Kate; Ulmer-Scholle, Dana, 2019, Geology of the Raton-Clayton Area, New Mexico Geological Society, Guidebook, 70th Annual Field Conference, 168 pp. ISBN: 1-58546-110-5