New Mexico Geological Society
Fall Field Conference Guidebook - 26
Las Cruces Country


William R. Seager, Russell E. Clemons and Jonathan F.Callender, eds., 1975, 376 pages.

Welcome to the twenty-sixth consecutive Fall Field Conference of the New Mexico Geological Society! The pervasive Silver Anniversary spirit of 1974 did not wane. The first day road log is from Las Cruces to southern San Andres Mountains and return. The tour route to the Ash Canyon-Love Ranch area of the southern San Andres Mountains first ascends the east slope of the Mesilla Valley to the floor of the Jornada del Muerto Basin. The tour route in and adjacent to the San Andres Mountains is on the White Sands Missile Range and National Wildlife Refuge reserves, and access is limited to parties with advance clearance and official escorts. The second day road log is from Las Cruces to the Sierra de las Uvas and Aden volcanic area. This tour emphasizes Cenozoic volcanic rocks and associated clastic units in basins west of the Mesilla Valley. The third day road log is from Las Cruces to North Mesilla Valley, Cedar Hills, San Diego Mountain, and Rincon area. This tour will emphasize middle to late Cenozoic stratigraphic units and structures along the Rio Grande Valley north of Las Cruces. Evidence of major Laramide uplift and early Tertiary erosion will be seen. The main route will be US-85 on the valley floor, with side trips into uplifts flanking Selden Canyon and Rincon Valley.

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Table of Contents:

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Front Matter: (includes Dedication, President's Message, & Conference Organizer's Message)

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Roadlogs: (each includes listed mini-papers)

First day road log from Las Cruces to southern San Andres Mountains and return
— Frank E. Kottlowski and J. W. Hawley, pp. 1-16.
Second day road from Las Cruces to the Sierra de las Uvas and Aden volcanic area and return
— Russell E. Clemons, pp. 17-34.
Third day road log from Las Cruces to north Mesilla Valley, Cedar Hills, San Diego Mountain, and Rincon area, New Mexico
— John W. Hawley, W. R. Seager, and R. E. Clemons, pp. 35-53.
Exit road log A: Rincon area to Derry Hills via Interstate 25 North
— John W. Hawley and W. E. King, pp. 54-55.
Exit road log B: Hatch to Deming via N.M. 26
— John W. Hawley, W. R. Seager, and L. L. Corbitt, pp. 56-60.
Exit road log C: Upham interchange to Anthony (N.M.-Texas)
— J. W. Hawley, pp. 61-64.
Exit road log D: Mesilla Valley to Tularosa Basin via U.S. 70 East
— John W. Hawley and R. E. Clemons, pp. 65-68.


Scenes from the past - II (4.87 MB PDF)
— William L. Hiss, pp. 75-80. [ABSTRACT]
Vegetation of southern New Mexico (492 KB PDF)
— William A. Dick-Peddie, pp. 81-84. [ABSTRACT]
Wolfcampian upper Hueco Formation of the Robledo Mountains, Dona Ana County, New Mexico (269 KB PDF)
— David V. LeMone, Ronald D. Simpson, and Karl W. Klement, pp. 119-121. [ABSTRACT]
Petrology of the Bell Top Formation (0.99 MB PDF)
— Russell E. Clemons, pp. 123-130. [ABSTRACT]
Malpais maar Volcano (620 KB PDF)
— Richard O. Page, pp. 135-137. [ABSTRACT]
Fluorspar deposits and the Rio Grande Rift System (455 KB PDF)
— McAnulty, W. N. McAnulty, W. N., pp. 167-168. [ABSTRACT]
Oil and gas exploration wells in Dona Ana County, New Mexico (601 KB PDF)
— Thompson, Sam, III and Robert A. Bieberman, pp. 171-174. [ABSTRACT]
The Broad Canyon Dam (317 KB PDF)
— William J. Fox, pp. 181.
Tectonic map of Rio Grande region from New Mexico-Colorado Border to Presidio, Texas (186 KB PDF)
— L. A. Woodward, J. F. Callender, J. Gries, W. R. Seager, C. E. Chapin, R. E. Zilinski, and W. L. Shaffer, pp. 239. [ABSTRACT]
Significance of geothermal and gravity studies in the Las Cruces area (1.89 MB PDF)
— E. R. Decker, F. A. Cook, I. B. Ramberg, and S. B. Smithson, pp. 251-259. [ABSTRACT]
Telluric current sounding near Kilbourne and Hunts Holes, New Mexico (367 KB PDF)
— J. E. O'Donnell, R. Martinez, and J. Williams, pp. 279-280. [ABSTRACT]
Geomagnetic variations at Kilbourne Hole, New Mexico (263 KB PDF)
— J. N. Towle and D. V. Fitterman, pp. 281. [ABSTRACT]
Emory Cauldron, Black Range, New Mexico, source of the Kneeling Nun Tuff (1.13 MB PDF)
— Wolfgang E. Elston, William R. Seager, and Russell E. Clemons, pp. 283-292. [ABSTRACT]
Tectonic significance of the Pony Hills, Luna County, New Mexico (1.14 MB PDF)
— LeRoy L. Corbitt and Fred L. Nials, pp. 293-296. [ABSTRACT]
Evolution of the Rio Grande rift in the Socorro and Las Cruces areas (2.64 MB PDF)
— Charles E. Chapin and William R. Seager, pp. 297-321. [ABSTRACT]

Recommended Guidebook Citation:

  1. Seager, W. R.; Clemons, R. E.; Callender, J. F.; [eds.], 1975, Las Cruces Country, New Mexico Geological Society, Guidebook, 26th Annual Field Conference, 376 pp.