New Mexico Geological Society
Fall Field Conference Guidebook - 37
Truth or Consequences Region


Russell E. Clemons, William E. King, Greg H. Mack and Jiri Zidek, eds, 1986, 317 pages.

The first-day road log is from Truth or Consequences to Sierra Cuchillo, Winston, South Fork Cuchillo Negro Creek, Fluorine, and Central Black Range. This tour will visit the volcanic areas northwest of Truth or Consequences in the Sierra Cuchillo, Winston graben, and Black Range. The tour will emphasize: Miocene to Pleistocene stratigraphy and sedimentology of the Palomas Formation, stratigraphy of the Rubio Peak Formation including spectacular exotic bloacks of Pennyslvanian limestone, Ag, Au, Cu fissure-vein mineralization of the Chloride mining district, and pyroclasitc volcanism and tin mineralization associated with the Taylor Creek Rhyolite. The second-day road log is from Truth or Consequences to Fra Cristobal Range via Elephant Butte Dam, Northern Caballo Mountains, Cutter Sag, and Jornada del Muerto. The trip describes the Tertiary and Quaternary Palomas Formation, Quaternary terrace deposits, Cretaceous and early Tertiary stratigraphy, and Pliocene basalts. Access to the Fra Cristobal Range was available by special arrangement for the conference. Individuals and groups may not return for subsequent tours without permission from the landowners. The third-day road log is from Truth or Consequences to southeastern Caballo Mountains and San Diego Mountain via I-25 and the Jornada del Muerto. This day's tour will focus on Laramide tectonics in the southern Caballo Mountains and the Tonuco uplift (San Diego Mountain).

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Table of Contents:

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Front Matter: (includes Dedication, President's Message, & Conference Organizer's Message)

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Roadlogs: (each includes listed mini-papers)

First-day road log, from Truth or Consequences to Sierra Cuchillo, Winston graben, Winston, south Fork Cuchillo Negro Creek, Fluorine, and central Black Range (4.90 MB PDF)
— Glenn R. Osburn, Richard W. Harrison, Ted L. Eggleston, Richard P. Lozinsky, and Charles H. Maxwell, pp. 1-19.


A Pennsylvanian unconformity in the Mud Springs Mountains
— Charles H. Maxwell and Mariel R. Oakman, pp. 4-5.
Alteration associated with the rhyolite porphyry of Kline Mountains, Black Range, New Mexico
— Ted L. Eggleston, pp. 16-17.
Second-day road log, Segment B, From Deep Well Ranch to the Fra Cristobal Range (1.03 MB PDF)
— Eric P. Nelson, Mark A. Chapin, and James C. Hunter, pp. 29-34.
Boat log for southern half of Elephant Butte reservoir (2.19 MB PDF)
— Richard P. Lozinsky, J. C. Kelly, Glenn R. Osburn, and Albert M. Kudo, pp. 57-65.


History of Elephant Butte Dam and reservoir
— Jerry E. Mueller, pp. 58-59.

Roadlog References:

Download (542 KB PDF)


Geology of the Truth or Consequences area (542 KB PDF)
— Russell E. Clemons and Glenn R. Osburn, pp. 69-81. [ABSTRACT]
Typical vegetation patterns of central New Mexico (633 KB PDF)
— William A. Dick-Peddie, pp. 97-100.
Laramide basement-cored uplift and basins in south-central New Mexico (1.17 MB PDF)
— William R. Seager, Greg H. Mack, Michael S. Raimonde, and Ronald G. Ryan, pp. 123-130. [ABSTRACT]
A gravity study of the Jornada del Muerto and Palomas Basins (774 KB PDF)
— A. L. Gilmer, R. A. Mauldin, and G. Randy Keller, pp. 131-134. [ABSTRACT]
Cenozoic-fill-thickness estimated from P-wave delays in the Jornada del Muerto and Palomas Basins (600 KB PDF)
— Steven H. Harder, G. Randy Keller, P. H. Daggett, and Y. A. Sinno, pp. 135-138. [ABSTRACT]
A seismic-reflection study of part of the southern Jornada del Muerto (1.13 MB PDF)
— G. Randy Keller, William R. Seager, and Thompson, Sam, III., pp. 139-142. [ABSTRACT]
Pyroclastic rocks associated with the Taylor Creek Rhyolite, Scales Canyon (933 KB PDF)
— Philip R. Kyle, Ted L. Eggleston, William C. McIntosh, Nelia Dunbar, Charles M. Hammond, W. David Johnson, Michael Knoper, and Judith Moore, pp. 197-201. [ABSTRACT]
Pennsylvanian fusulinids from the Fra Cristobal Range, Sierra County, New Mexico (1.48 MB PDF)
— George J. Verville, George A. Sanderson, and Mary E. Madsen, pp. 215-223. [ABSTRACT]
Upper Cenozoic Palomas Formation of south-central New Mexico (1.42 MB PDF)
— Richard P. Lozinsky and John W. Hawley, pp. 239-247. [ABSTRACT]
Tin deposits in the Black Range district (1.35 MB PDF)
— Charles H. Maxwell, Eugene E. Foord, Mariel R. Oakman, and D. B. Harvey, pp. 273-281. [ABSTRACT]
Geology and mineralization of the Kingston mining district, New Mexico (879 KB PDF)
— Peter A. Sanders and Thomas H. Giordano, pp. 287-292. [ABSTRACT]
The Palomas Gap vanadium mines (709 KB PDF)
— Robert W. Eveleth, pp. 297-300. [ABSTRACT]

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  1. Clemons, R. E.; King, W. E.; Mack, G. H.; Zidek, J.; [eds.], 1986, Truth or Consequences Region, New Mexico Geological Society, Guidebook, 37th Annual Field Conference, 317 pp.